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Here are some popular Blog destinations to get connected to other pet lovers.


www.petville.com -- "A place to celebrate, learn about and talk about your pets"

PetsitUSA.com Blog
www.petsitUSA.com -- Pet news and opinion

Pet Connection Blog
http://www.doggedblog.com/doggedblog/animals-pets/ -- Legal issues and frequent news updates

http://www.drpattykhuly.com/dolittler-blog/ -- "A veterinary blog for pet lovers, vet voyeurs and the medically curious" by Dr. Patty Khuly

Dogs Trust (UK)
www.dogtrustblog.blogspot.com -- "Dedicated to providing a safe, caring environment for every dog until we find them a loving home"

Best In Flock
https://www.petcha.com/bird-behavior-and-training/ --Bird behavior and training tips

Lassie, Get Help
www.lassiegethelp.blogspot.com -- Humane care and training of working dogs

Raise a Green Dog!
http://blog.raiseagreendog.com/ -- tips, tricks, products, processes and other information on how you can help your pup go green

Vet Blog
www.blogs.dogster.com/vet_blog_information_advice -- Information and Advice from Dr. Eric Barchas, DVM

www.pawluxury.blogspot.com -- "Eco-living for the everyday dog"