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Stuff the Turkey ON the Table,
Not the One Under It!
Here are some Thanksgiving/Christmas foods that can
be harmful to your pet:
  Ham, Turkey skin, Mashed Potatoes and all other high fat foods can lead to Pancreatitis.  It may only occur once or can become chronic. Pancreatitis is a serious inflammatory condition of the pancreas that causes vomiting and dehydration.  It can be fatal plus it’s expensive to treat!
   Any type of bird bones: They are hollow so they break and splinter easily.  Most dogs won’t chew them thoroughly which may cause them to choke, become blocked, or tear the intestines. And again, this can be fatal and is expensive to treat!
   Chocolate, especially dark chocolate, which contains high amounts of theobromine can be fatal! Theobromine acts as a toxin so get to your vet’s office immediately or to your nearest 24-hour veterinary emergency clinic!