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What's In Your Mix?

We now offer the WISDOM Panel MX: Mixed Breed Analysis!

What is the Wisdom Panel?

WISDOM Panel MX is the Gold standard in mixed-breed genetic identification in dogs.

Separate Fact from Fiction!


  • Identifies 157 different breeds that may be present in a mixed-breed dog
  • Uses blood-based sampling, ensuring the highest quality DNA analysis
  • Is backed by a decade of peer-reviewed research
  • Determines breed composition with 90% accuracy*
  • Illustrates a dog's heritage, revealing breed traits and characteristics

One simple test tells a mixed-breed dog's untold story and allows owners to work with their vets to develop optimal care based on specific breed mixes. Veterinarians are key to interpreting the results and helping owners make the most out of this breed knowledge.

*Validation testing has resulted in an average accuracy of 90% in first generation cross-bred dogs of known parentage. WISDOM Panel? MX is not intended to predict disease or behavior in any particular dog. Accuracy was determined by average positive predictive value across breeds studied.

Meet Jack and What We Found:

schnauzer Jack is 5 years old. He was tested in August of 2008.

Jack's ancestry contains some Miniature Schnauzer and also includes distant traces of Pekingese.


What will you find?

When you discover your dog's breed history with Wisdom Panel: MX Mixed Breed Analysis, you may notice some breed traits more than others. An image will indicate each breed detected. The relative size of the breed image represents the amount of each breed in a dog's mix.


While all dogs are unique, certain aspects of behavior and temperament sometimes point to the influence of an individual breed in a dog's genetic background. Icons within each profile will help provide insight about how the presence of each breed may affect the tested dog.

All information provided by: www.wisdompanel.com/
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