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Responsible Pet Owner Rules for Kids

  • Talk to the dog in a normal voice. No screaming or yelling at him.
  • Approach the dog quietly. Walk, don't run. Make a fist and let him sniff you before you touch him.
  • Pet the dog gently, on the back, from head to tail. No petting tail to head.
  • Be kind to the dog. No hitting or kicking allowed. No jumping on the dog. No riding the dog like he's a horse. No stepping on the dog's toes. No dressing up the dog in doll's clothes. No pulling tails or ears.
  • Play fetch. No roughhousing. No tug-of-war. If you're not sure, ask Mom or Dad.
  • Remember that dogs get tired too. If the dog is sleeping, leave him alone.
  • If the dog is in his crate, leave him alone. That means you play in another room or away from the crate. No sitting on top of the crate while the dog is in it. No putting food or toys in through the openings. When the dog is in his crate, pretend there is a big DO NOT DISTURB sign on the crate door.
  • If the dog is doing something wrong, tell him "Angghhh" in a low, serious voice.
  • If the dog does something right, sound happy and excited when you tell him, "Good boy."
  • If you have permission to give commands to the dog, only give a one word command. Say "sit," not "sit down." Only say it once and only say it if you know how to make the dog do what you want.
  • Try to make sure all visitors read this list or have it read to them. You are responsible for protecting your dog from people who might not know how to treat a dog.
  • Some people food can make a dog really sick, so no sharing your snacks with the dog and no feeding him from the table.
  • Be patient. Before you know it, the dog will be trained to accept commands from you and ready to be the friend you really want to have. In the meantime, practice giving commands to your stuffed animals.

Love your dog but respect him too!