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We all know that Disasters happen, but we don't know when or where or even sometimes why. Let us help you to be prepared for things such as natural disasters, disease outbreak, hazardous accidents and even terrorism. Here is a list of items for the kit.


  • Food-Keep at least three days of food in an airtight, waterproof container.
    • can opener and lid for food
  • Blankets
  • Lightsticks (glowsticks)
  • Cat Bowls-One for food and one for water
  • Toys
    • places for them to hide (i.e. a box or cat condo, if you can)
  • Water
  • Rope
  • Collar with ID tag, harness or leash (yes even for the cat!)
  • Litter box, extra litter, scooper, and bags for disposal
  • Blood stopper
  • nail trimmers
  • Pet Disaster Information
  • Medicines and Medical Records
  • Important Documents-Pet registration info, adoption papers, vaccination documents. Keep these records in a plastic bag so it is safe from water.
  • Crate or other pet carrier
  • Sanitation
  • A picture of you with our pet-If you become separated from your pet during an emergency , a picture of you and your pet together will help prove ownership and allow others to help you find your pet. On the back of the photo we recommend writing detailed information about your pet.
  • Familiar Items, such as bedding, recognizable toys and treats.
  • We recommend making this large kit and also making a smaller more portable kit in case you need to get away quick.