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Keeping a Veterinary Record Book

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The book should include basic information such as:

Name of your vet, veterinary clinic, and phone number.

*     Name and number of your local emergency vet hospital.

*     Names and numbers of specialty clinics you have visited.

*     Your pet's insurance policy, if applicable.

*     Names and numbers of family or friends who could assist you in an emergency.


 For each pet, you should have:

*     Name, birth date, and gender.

*     Breed and general description including color and weight.

*     A recent photograph.

*     Microchip or tattoo information, if applicable.

*     Vaccination history and an up-to-date rabies certificate.

*     Results from physical exams.

*     Medications and their dosages.

*     Major illnesses and surgeries, plus dates.

*     Any test results, biopsies, etc.

*     Any allergies, hypersensitivities, or adverse reactions, especially to anesthesia.